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It’s not who we are on the inside, but what we do that defines us.

This simple truth applies to products and companies even more so than it does to individuals.

The blockchain industry has an absurdly high Technology to Utilisation ratio(T/U). Hundreds of competing, meticulously engineered solutions, looking for problems to solve, products that would finally put them in the hands of billions of users. Cleverly designed networks running at a fraction of the capacity, targeting the exact same userbase, as the decade-old industry awaits its miracle adoption event.

The problem with problems is - the most efficient solution tends to win. End users do not make ideological decisions. The minority that can afford the privilege of suboptimal solutions will never be sufficient to drive mass adoption. Efficiently designed products do not require the user to learn new things early in the journey, instead, these products help users accomplish tasks in fewer steps, less time, with fewer opportunities for error.

Today, DLT provides alternative solutions to payments, banking, identity management, storage, messaging, and of course, investments and speculative trading. Every part of that stack also puts the burden of education and security on the user, with the delta between best practices and actual user behavior growing the more complicated the product becomes. 

The question we are asking is "is it possible to deploy all the layers of a functional economy, using a mixed stack of centralized and decentralized solutions, in a manner that delivers an experience that is superior to the one delivered by a centralized stack?"
Coinomy's goal is to combine world-class product design and growth mechanics to build a global, functioning, full-stack economy that works - fairly, transparently, efficiently, securely - at scale.


What's next:

In a few weeks, Coinomy will be open for registration, offering unique grandfathered perks for early adopters and community ambassadors.

The registration stage will be followed by the launch of a freelancing and employment platform, designed from the ground up specifically for the blockchain industry.


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